Beauties of Beachy Head – and supernatural ponderings

Isn’t the weather fabulous? Just right for Beachy Head

Bill, a friend from Brum, came to stay earlier in the week and we had a lovely day at Beachy Head – no putting feet down rabbit holes this time for me fortunately…  We caught the bus up from Eastbourne as far as Belle Tout, and walked back to the pub for lunch, then walked back down to Eastbourne again.  It always surprises me how OK that pub is – so many places with absolutely stunning locations are real dives, presumably because they can get away with it.  The Beachy Head is comfortable, nicely turned out, and the beer and food are just fine.

Both the Philosopher and I enjoy the feeling of calm and quiet up there on Beachy Head, and Bill enjoyed it too. Now here’s something really mad.  Earlier on today I was leafing through ‘Friday Ad’ and my eye was caught by a job advertisement placed by Kevin Carlyon, our local White Witch – he was advertising for people to help him in his ghost-hunting activities.  That is the sort of balmy business that appeals to Battleaxe, so I looked up his website.  He says :

particular place springs immediately to mind. That is the infamous
suicide spot of Beachy Head, above the town of Eastbourne in East Sussex
on the UK’s South Coast. This place has only one rival for its
attraction for people who wish to take their own lives, the Golden Gate
Bridge in San Francisco, USA.Apart
from the suicidal link Beachy Head also has some sort of magnetic
attraction for people on certain mental frequencies, particularly people
who are unknowingly psychic. This is not just common to this place but
many others around the UK and the world.

Beachy Head many people have explained a feeling of tremendous peace
and on a calm day they feel as if they ‘could walk off the cliff and
just keep walking’! After years of research at this place I am convinced
that there is some form of spiritual energy there. I call it ‘The Lure
of Doom at Beachy Head’.

Lure of doom my backside. It is just a beautiful place, and fortunately I have not felt any great urge to walk off the cliff either.

Anyway, in case you were wondering, I am not (yet) planning to apply for a job with Kev the Witch – I fear one would have to spend a lot of time skulking in damp and chilly places late at night, accompanied by those of unstable and fevered sensibilities.  Mind you, think of the writing material I could gather.  

However, I have had moments of wondering about the supernatural.  Years ago I was a board member for a large housing association based in Leamington Spa.  One of my board colleagues, a perfectly normal-looking, sane and respectable clergyman, turned out to be the local Diocesan Exorcist.  He talked quite freely in an entirely matter of fact way about his routine day-to-day jobs like exorcising poltergeists from chip shops in Coventry.   Board away events, which are usually unimaginably boring, were riveting, I can tell you.

Anyway, less of that.  Here’s a nice picture that the Philosopher took – it makes Eastbourne look like Corfu.

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  1. Kevin Carlyon
    September 24, 2012 / 11:04 am

    If you are going to write about me and my theories on Beachy Head you may at least let the reader make up thier own minds!

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