Hastings Battleaxe yearns for glimmers of hope…

Well, I’d delayed writing this because last night we were supposed to go to a concert – guess what, postponed. One of the musicians has Covid. Instead, we stayed in and watched ‘Don’t Look Up’.… View Post

Hastings Battleaxe Explored the Arch… and is 10 years old today!

Last night we had yet another fun outing – to the latest Explore the Arch production ‘Quickening of the Heart’, followed by supper with friends Jenny and Peter.  Oh for goodness sake Battleaxe, say the… View Post

Hastings Battleaxe says ‘There’s nothing like a Dame’

What? Dame Battleaxe? No, sillies, the one in the panto in Eastbourne. Battleaxe and Philosopher went with Shaun, and really enjoyed the show.  Meanwhile, Christmas is over… The weather has been truly terrible… dark, dank,… View Post

Happy Christmas from Hastings Battleaxe

To start off with, a very Happy Christmas to all Battleaxe readers. It strikes me that these posts have been a bit gloomy for the past few weeks… not surprising, but let’s move on.  This… View Post

A tough week – WhatsApp super-scam and the funeral

A tough week indeed. Battleaxe feels totally wrecked, and if me and Philosopher have avoided Covid it will be a miracle. I’ll start with the scam and work though to my sister’s funeral, because that… View Post