Rye Harbour Nature Reserve – Battleaxe catches up

Hot, hot, hot. It is absolutely scorching right now. Maybe, at long last, the world might be waking up to the impact of climate change – we are currently seeing fire, floods and melting ice…… View Post

Explore the Arch ‘Spirited’ – Battleaxe loved it!

Spirited indeed…. Battleaxe was convinced yesterday was going to be a dreadful day. Racism unleashed across the land, insane pronouncements about ‘freedom’ from Covid restrictions, aka permission to die… and the weather forecast was atrocious.… View Post

Battleaxe does Dover and has now Come Home…

Yes, our holiday is now thoroughly over, after our final trip to Dover. We enjoyed it, but it was a bit of a mixed bag.  Come home? Spare us. Despite Battleaxe half-hoping that England will… View Post

Devon and Dorset with Hastings Battleaxe

Theoretically, we are still on holiday – just home for a couple of days between trips. Digby is still in the cattery, and we are supposed to be having a quiet time – but the… View Post

Battleaxe’s summer comes – and goes

Yes, I know I have not written this for a fortnight – longest gap ever. Oddly enough, Battleaxe has been very busy – going out and about, including open gardens and a visit to the… View Post