This way madness lies… Lies? I’ll say so.

This way madness lies? Or how many more of Boris Johnson’s lies can any sane person be expected to put up with?  Hastings Battleaxe apologises for not writing for two whole weeks – it’s been… View Post

Stormy times with Hastings Battleaxe…

Stormy? I’ll say. Where should Battleaxe start…? First, with Thanks, then on to the sad fate of the migrants drowned at sea, and then Trauma… WI related, I regret to say.  Here’s random stormy Hastings… View Post

Wi Zooming with Hastings Battleaxe

Zooming with Hastings Battleaxe or what. Yesterday I was part of our first ever Zoom Webinar Annual Meeting for the East Sussex WI Federation, with the Rev Richard Coles. Very stressful but it ended up… View Post

Changes afoot at Battleaxe Villa!

Unfortunately Battleaxe has still not been herself, health-wise, for the past week, but is now getting better – see below. We have a few garden changes, and a new platform is under construction in the… View Post

Battleaxe gets jabbed, snow sort of arrives.

Yes, Battleaxe gets jabbed. First one last Friday.  We’ve also seen the arrival of the so-called ‘New Beast from the East’ but more slushy and sloppy than genuinely Beastly.  Otherwise, life just carries on… with… View Post