What a week… All about Eve?

What a week indeed… Yes, we went to see that film, along with much more pre-lockdown socialising, but as well as grand-daughter Eve, this post also has exciting news about my daughter and my acquisition… View Post

Forging ahead into autumn…

Forging ahead?  Into chilly old autumn and then into dark, freezy winter? Yes, what else is there to do?  Earlier in the week I went up to the loft and got all my winter clothes… View Post

Hastings Battleaxe gets cut up…

Gets cut up how?  Bits cut out of one of my legs.  Have done virtually nothing since my visit to hospital.  I finished my virtual walk to Santiago de Compostela and was all ready to… View Post

Oh what now? Our first, and maybe our last, concert.. not the fat lady singing – yet.

What now indeed. Our fool of a Prime Minister tells us that  ‘we are now seeing a second wave’ without actually saying what he is going to do about it. Added to which, ‘Queen Dido… View Post

Battleaxe makes the best of it

It’s hard at times… The Covid situation is getting worse, Brexit is looming up in an ever more horrible manner, and the government is a national and international laughing stock. Well, I would be laughing… View Post