The Hastings Scone Survey continues

Wet days, wet days…. Sunday was nice though.  Made a Scone Investigation Visit to the West Hill Cafe.  If ever we had doubts about moving to Hastings – which, at the moment, we don’t – a walk on the West Hill would blow those doubts away.  When we first brought our grand-daughter to Hastings we were renting a little house in Plynlimmon Road on the West Hill – she, a city child, took one look at the space and rushed across the grass towards the sea beyond, arms outstretched, shrieking.  We puffed after her, trusting that she wouldn’t throw herself over the cliff in her excitement.

Sunday was a fabulously fresh, clear morning – you could almost believe you could see France. I felt like running around, shrieking, myself.

Mr Hopeful at the West Hill Cafe

The West Hill Cafe is wonderfully ramshackle, given its stunning location, views etc.  Every time we go we fear that it might have been taken over by Jamie Oliver to become a high-class gastro-restaurant.  The outside tables are cracked and wobbly, and they are one of the last surviving providers of those classic English cafe stainless steel teapots and milk jugs which tip their contents all over you and the table instead of into the cup.  There is always a seagull waiting hopefully on the parapet – there he is above.

I confess, we didn’t actually have a scone after all that, but chose a date slice instead.  Yummy.  Their coffee is good too.

We are a bit preoccupied with our new house at the moment – the builders are in residence, knocking walls down…. we won’t move in for around 6 weeks.  It’s all kitchens, bathrooms, windows….quite stressful.  This house we are living in now, further down Harold Road, is up for sale.  We have had two lots of viewers already, with another expected tomorrow.

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