Winter contrasts with Hastings Battleaxe

Honestly, hasn’t the weather been strange? Days when we have had some of the most torrential rain I have ever seen, followed by brief interludes of brilliant sun, then back to rain and grey again. Then, of course, inflation is running riot, energy prices rocketing, so we are all trying to economise. Did I tell you about our Ninja Foodi? No, probably not, so prepare for an interlude of yawn scratch cooking bore stuff. Then, we have the World Cup in Qatar. A more egregious exhibition of Money Triumphant it would be hard to find. Build air-conditioned stadia in the middle of the desert? Who cares about the environment. Kill thousands of migrant workers in the process of building them? Ah well, never mind. Human Rights? Never mind about that either. And, as usual, England’s performance? They have about as much chance of winning that competition as Battleaxe running in the Olympic 100 metres. Anyway, here are a couple of suitably dark weather pictures to start with.

The Country Park

We are so lucky to live by the sea. Even on the drabbest days the seascape is ever-changing, always interesting.

Have had some nice times though… our friend Alison came to stay – she is the wife of old friend Bob Hughes, who sadly died earlier in the year. Fortunately, the weather produced one of its rare bright and shiny days for her, and we had a wonderfully sunny outing to Rye Harbour. Coffee in the Visitors’ Centre – (totally excellent place – see this post),  followed by a walk and lunch in the Queen’s Head in Icklesham. Look at the weather contrast here… in only a couple of days…

Rye Harbour Beach – still big waves…
Philosopher and Alison at Rye Harbour
Reflections at Rye Harbour

OK, let’s have a few boring minutes on the Ninja Foodie.  When we had this house redone I made the mistake of only having one huge oven and grill combined – and being a lazy Battleaxe, my idea of cooking was to have this vast thing roaring away emptily to bake two potatoes. So, following the example of my infintely more sensible friend Jacky Scales, I got a Ninja Foodi.Here it is. No, it soesn’t have a Mother-in-Laws Tongue plant growing out of the top – but I rather liked the photo.

It sits on the worktop like a cheerful little robot, and can pressure cook, steam, roast, airfry, slow-cook, grill, fry/saute and more.  It costs much less than the oven or grill to run, cooks things more quickly and is easy to use. Unlike many kitchen appliances, Battleaxe actually uses it – a lot.  What happened to the soup maker, bread maker? Don’t ask. So, what’s the overall verdict? Despite the media hype, I think air-frying is a bit over-rated, and I still use the hob, microwave and occasionally the oven. Nevertheless,  Battleaxe would totally recommend the Ninja.

Enough of that. Let’s finish with Digby asleep in the washing basket. Oh, talking of washing, have given up the tumble dryer as well….

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  1. Jacqueline Scales
    November 29, 2022 / 4:57 pm

    Not sure about the infinitely more sensible 🤣🤣

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