Favourite Hastings and St Leonard’s views – one year today!

We have been living in Hastings for exactly one year. The place is starting to feel like home, but we will always be newcomers to the locals here…

     The visual appeal of Hastings struck us immediately.  Before we moved here permanently, we rented a little place on the West Hill, right by Emmanuel Church – we would keep spotting the tower from all over town. Philosopher took a series of photographs of it and posted them anonymously through the Vicar’s letter-box. We learned that in WW2, the Germans used the church as a landmark when they flew across on their way to bomb London.
     Here is the tower, photographed from Shearbarn – nearly a mile away across the valley.

This collection of views is not exhaustive – it is just what occurs to me now….

The West Hill
It always lifts my spirits to walk across from the Croft Road end and see the view open up ahead, and then to sit on the terrace of the cafe.  The view in the other direction, to Beachy Head across St. Leonard’s, is also brilliant.

The East Hill
Fantastic views of the Old Town, right along the coast to Beachy Head. The first one is from 2010, before the Pier burnt down…..

The Country Park
Loads here. As I have mentioned in blog posts before, these lovely views have long been favourites of artists, such as Holman Hunt. A bit lung-busting to get to them, though…

St. Leonard’s
Burton’s St Leonard’s at its best, the view from St Leonard’s Gardens.  The gardens were designed in the 1830’s by James and Decimus Burton to show a series of elegant panoramas. They have been well restored.

Here is a splendid view of Marine Court.

The Old Town.
Most friends who come to visit us have no idea the Old Town exists – they think of Hastings as a series of dilapidated and run-down Victorian terraces inhabited by drug-dealers and East European gangsters.  Shame about the cars in this view of the High Street.

Alexandra Park
This is the path we call ‘The Ride’, through Shornden Woods.

View of the Old Town down Ashburnham Road
Very Italian.

Views from the windows of the Jerwood Gallery.
Every window has either a view of the Old Town, or the Stade.  I particularly like the ‘No to the Jerwood’ signs, still there!

The sea and the sky
Bit of a cop-out, but coming from a city in the centre of the country, this was what was really important to us about the move to Hastings. I could look at the sea for ever.

Our very own view – down the valley to the sea from our house. 
I had to include this! We have one of those monocular things set up to watch the passing ships.  I will sit here quite happily, dozing in the sun, when I am old…

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