Stables Theatre, Hastings – ‘Accidental Death of an Anarchist’

Had friend from Brum, Jackie, to stay for a couple of days.  Weather evil, unfortunately, with very strong wind. For some crazy reason she fancied swimming in the sea, but luckily it was too rough….Yes, I know I said earlier in the year that I wanted to swim in the sea more often, but completely draw the line at a wet, windy November day. I think I would have a heart attack…..
   We nearly got blown off the top of Beachy Head, then took Jackie to sample the delights of the Eastbourne Waitrose – we needed to stock up on a few totally vital items, (including President Spreadable butter, Bunderberg diet ginger beer and Waitrose dried fruit cereal topper!)  and secure a Heston’s whole orange Christmas pudding.  Then had lunch at the Counting House pub – so handy for Waitrose, dears.
    Last night we went down to see ‘The Accidental Death of an Anarchist’, by Dario Fo, at The Stables Theatre.  It was OK, entertaining, and funny, but not totally great – I thought the guy who played the leading character ‘The Maniac’ was very good, but the acting of some of the police persons was not as convincing.  The play should really feel quite topical – particularly in the light of the recent farce around the police commissioner elections – but for me the production was a bit dated – they could have made it more powerful by linking it to modern goings-on more.  This was a pity because they had clearly taken a good deal of trouble with the set, and including film footage of Italian anarchists etc

Theatre was surprisingly full – quite a high average age audience….I know we like the casual atmosphere of the place, but in some ways it would be good if people did dress up more. I don’t mean a parade of Oscar frocks, but guys and gels, lets get a bit less frumpy for our evenings out….
   Will do another Top Ten list for next blog post – probably favourite shops.  It actually takes ages to do, sorting all the pictures etc.

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