Bluebell Ridge cat Digby joins Battleaxe household

OK, so Battleaxe always said she wanted a dog when we moved to Hastings.  I have been putting finding a dog off and off.  I couldn’t decide what sort to get.  The Philosopher wanted a… View Post

Olympic birthday for Hastings Battleaxe – with Usain

It was Battleaxe’s birthday this week – she is ageless, so there is no point even speculating about how old she might be. Have been sitting square-eyeballed in front of the Olympics on telly for… View Post

Summer break in Hastings finishes in Conquest Hospital…

Phew – we have just returned from Birmingham having returned Grand-daughter.  Had a good few days with her here in Hastings.  We went to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Rodrick at the Odeon… View Post

Battleaxe loves Hastings Pirate Day – and Red Arrows

Glorious flawless sunny Sunday – and the famous Hastings Pirate Day!      The Philosopher and I were relatively restrained in our pirate garb – too sensible really, but at least we didn’t boil and get… View Post

Olympic torch in Hastings

So, down to town we went to have the ‘Olympic torch experience’.  The place was heaving.  We fought our way through the crowds as far as the White Rock Hotel, where we managed to find… View Post