Battle of Hastings Builders….

I feel guilty…. Blogging has not been my highest priority over the past couple of weeks.  I have already mentioned about our new house?  Well, it has been full of builders since we got possession… View Post

Hastings Battleaxe’s Brummie heritage comes to Hastings

This device is a fly-press for punching and stamping metal, made in around 1910 by a company called Hazelwood and Dent in Branston Street, Birmingham.  It is standing outside Leigh Dyer’s West Street Incurva studio,… View Post

Secret Hastings – the Garlic wood

The first year we came to Hastings, the Philosopher and I stumbled on an amazing sight – the hidden wild garlic wood in Alexandra Park at the top of Shornden Reservoir. We have visited every… View Post

Jack in the Green – Battleaxe’s shame….

No, I’m not ashamed to admit it – here I am, a Hastings resident, and I didn’t go to the Jack in the Green festival.       Don’t get me wrong, if required I can haul… View Post

Battleaxe in Hastings Tip shock…..

Just took a load of garden rubbish to the Pebsham tip.  To my disappointment and astonishment, the metal container where the tip geezers used to pile things that had some value, and then sell the… View Post