Psychology of supermarkets – Winchelsea and Pett

Lordy me, the weather is just terrible today – it has rained solidly.  We have only been out to Sainsburys. The Philosopher said that he doesn’t like how most people in the supermarket look so… View Post

Badgers appear, for real…..

One thing that surprised us when we came to Hastings was all the talk of badgers.      When we first moved to Harold Road, I brought many plants in pots down from Birmingham, and was… View Post

Walk at Fairlight – puzzled by Bradshaw

Once again, I look back on a glorious sunny day from dark, dull one.  On Wednesday it was sparklingly bright.  We went up to the Country Park and had coffee and cake at the Coastguards… View Post

Walk to Bexhill, De La Warr and more…

Well, it is hard to look out of the window now and remember the gloriously sunny weekend, so I’ll write about it to remind me. Our friends Dave and Carole came down for the weekend… View Post

Oh no – Jerwood again – I promise this is the last…

Blogging about the Jerwood is getting boring.  Trouble is, I really, really want the gallery to do well for Hastings – I want it to be successful and an asset to our town.  I want… View Post