De La Warr, Towner Gallery, Beachy Head, Rye Harbour, Bexhill Link Road…its a full life.

Just had friends Alan and Judy down from Brum for the weekend.  Alan is the Alan Wenban-Smith of  Link Road feasibility enquiry fame. He still stoutly maintains there is absolutely no sense in the project,… View Post

The sea, the sea……Pett Level

Glorious sun today.  We went down to Pett Level.  Less than 48 hours ago the sea was as shown in the photographs on my last blog post.  Look at it now. Little innocent wavelets lapping… View Post

Out and about, shopping in St. Leonard’s, Arts Forum, sea puts on a show

Well, half-term passed – weather was not great, took granddaughter back to Birmingham on Wednesday.  Returned a day early because we were supposed to be staying in Much Wenlock with friends John and Jan, but… View Post

Stade Colour competition – success….and more successes

In a previous blog post I described how Philosopher and I went down to the Stade so he could take photographs to enter for the Colour on the Stade competition, which is part of the… View Post

Royal Opera House, National Theatre – in Hastings Odeon…

Well, we have been to sample the ‘live feed’ performances beamed from illustrious temples of Metropolitan culture to us provincial yokels. In our case, down the road in the sticky-floored Hastings Odeon. A couple of… View Post