Hastings Battleaxe has had enough…

Had enough indeed. Why can’t the world just be a bit more quiet and boring…? This morning Battleaxe lurches downstairs after yet another poor night’s sleep. All fired up with horror and indignation about the dreadful scenes in Washington and couldn’t settle down properly, then woke to hear Philosopher coughing. OMG it’s Covid,  thinks Battleaxe… He soon stops but now she’s wide awake… ‘Just let it all go’ says Philosopher.  Well, honest I’m trying, but my mind feels a bit like the Capitol in Washington – just trying to get on with its business when some violent mob storms in and overcomes its defences. We braved the rigours of Aldi yesterday for this little lot below. Champagne is a great cure-all, I find. Dunno about the De-Icer though…

Mind-numbing essential supplies from Aldi

If only Joe Biden could be the sort of President who’d stroll around the sunlit White House garden with his faithful rescue dog plodding at his heels, dead-heading the odd rose, while Jill B shares recipes for apple charlotte on Twitter (yes, yes of course I know she is Dr Biden and a senior academic but she can still bake puddings as well..).  Instead, the poor old bloke is going to have a devil of a job to subdue all the conspiracy-crazed nut jobs stirred up by his truly monstrous predecessor as well as tackling a Covid epidemic that is raging out of control.

Another Great Thing About Biden's Win: There's Going to Be a Dog in the  White House Again! | Vogue
Fantasy President….

If only we had a half-way competent government over here. Anyone with half a brain can scarcely look at the telly while Johnson blobs and blathers across the screen, never mind the ghastly Gove, the cretinous Williamson, the dozy Raab, the evil Patel, the gibbering Hancock, the slimy Jenrick etc etc.  We can’t believe a single word they say, we can’t trust them to lead us out of this mess. All we see is one cock-up after another.

One thing I find distressing is that Battleaxe, and many thousands (?millions) of others could see plainly, from the start, what a complete disaster Trump was, while many other millions thought he was just fantastic. We have been proved right. I have had exactly the same bad feelings, from the start, about Johnson, while many millions think he is just great. How badly will things end in this country?

If only Covid would just go away. Instead, it gets worse and worse and nearer and nearer as more people we know are infected. When I wrote the last post on here we were still in Tier 4. Now we are in total Lockdown for the foreseeable future. Every day sees record numbers of infections and deaths. Hospitals are at bursting point.  All we can do is pray not to get ill, and pray that the brave talk about vaccination might be for once, this time, be true…

If only, if only. Trouble is, there is no waking up from this nightmare.

Ah, come on now, what has been positive? We are still going for walks. Recently on Countryfile there was a bloke talking about taking photos with a smartphone. He said ‘That’s totally bangin’ far too much for decent company, but did have some useful tips – about using the phone to go in much closer than you can with a camera etc . I took these frosty morning pictures up by North’s Seat. Both these will appear in my new photo book, which is now finished and sent to the publisher.

Then, there is my FaceBook Group, ‘Collecting Spaghetti Poodles and Cats’.  It now has 36 members, not bad for such a niche undertaking. Most are ladies from middle America. The most recent thing I posted was this spaghetti poodle lamp, restored to working order by Philosopher, with poodle shade made by my step-daughter Anna. It is nice to imagine those ladies getting a break from goggling in disbelief at the coverage of the collapse of their country and resting their eyes on this… Yes, it is a small thing, but there you go…


  1. Valerie Poore
    January 10, 2021 / 2:37 pm

    I do feel for you, Stephanie. I think your Philosopher is right, though. We have to let go of what we can’t personally change. My OH is also depressed by everything, and I wish he’d let go too. As a Chinese student of mine recently said, very wisely I think. “I don’t think too much about politics these days, I just focus on looking after myself and the people I care about.” Take care of you, Stephanie!

    • January 12, 2021 / 8:27 am

      Thank you for those wise thoughts, Val!
      You take care of you too.

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