Hastings Battleaxe and the Puppini Sisters

No, she wasn’t actually on stage with them… Hastings Battleaxe went to see the Puppini Sisters, with the Pasadena Roof Orchestra, at St Mary in the Castle, on Saturday night. I love that close harmony trio look and sound.

At the rate things are going, we won’t be allowed many more events like this… it’ll be Virus Lock Down… Sigh.

I’m very fond of the Andrews Sisters. A long time ago now, even before Battleaxe’s time, they were the darlings of the American forces in WW2.

Here is a link to one of their most famous performances.

In summer 2019 Battleaxe was tasked with booking acts for the East Sussex WI Federation Centenary Garden Party and Fair, held at Fairlight Hall. I went for an Andrews Sisters/Puppini Sisters tribute act, The Lollipops. They were well worth their fee… Battleaxe would totally recommend them for anyone who needs a music act for a big event, with a mixed age group.

The Lollipops

Back to the Puppini Sisters. The do was part of the Hastings Piano Festival, which finished that night. Yes, I know, not much to do with piano, but they are now having the main competition every two years, with the intervening year as a fund-raising festival.  The Pasadena Roof Orchestra has been round for ever, but was excellent – they have a real vintage swing/dance/jazz bg band sound, and an excellent leader/vocalist, Duncan Galloway.  I had been really looking forward to seeing them, and it was all pretty good, but the sound balance was not quite right, and they spent a lot of time yakking rather than singing, and too much time, I felt, promoting their new album. Looking at their website, link above, it is all a bit hard-sell – albums, merchandise… whatever.

Also, of course, the auditorium was set up in cafe-syle, with a big dance-floor space, and couples were up lindy-hopping, stomping etc. Battleaxe has never learned to do those dances, and Philosopher just doesn’t go there, so I couldn’t really join in, which was a bit disappointing becasue I really love to dance. I spoke to one of the women who seemed really good at it, and she told me about some lindy-hop jazz-dance group she goes to, but I honestly don’t think it would be for me…

Oh, one more thing. Sitting right in front of us was a person we were certain was the well-known children’s author, Jacqueline Wilson, with a group of friends. That’s her head in this last photo.  I think it is always deeply tacky to go up to someone and say ‘Are you…?’  Anyway, our daughters and grand daughter would have been thrilled – they all loved her books.


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