Pirates… and two car boots – Classic Cars on Hastings Pier and Elm Tree, Icklesham

Battleaxe hadn’t intended to write about Pirate Day, but of course down we went today, and have got some great pictures. Then, last week, went to two Car Boots at opposite ends of the exclusivity scale. Firstly, the high-end Classic Car Boot Sale on the end of Hastings Pier, and secondly, the much lower-end Elm Tree Boot Sale at Icklesham.

A very sulky pirate cat…
Oooh Arrgh what’s that….

    Last year, for Pirate Day, the WI did a tea-room event at the Jenny Lind – see this post. However, we decided it wasn’t busy enough at that end of the old town. This year, Philosopher and I just got dressed up and went down to people watch and greet people we know. As ever, plenty of pirates of all ages, shapes and sizes but we did feel the event still lacks focus – they need a big parade, or a record-breaking attempt – something to pull all the pirates together in one place. They did try to put on something for everyone… even the Hastings Sinfonia playing classical Pirate favourites…

Pirate orchestra

       Here are some Pirate pictures. So many people make tremendous efforts with their costumes. Battleaxe wants one of those hats with a pirate ship perched on top….

    So, Boot Sales. For the Classic Car Boot Sale, the end of the Pier was cordoned off, and many high-end vintage dealers rolled up accompanied by the requisite classic car. Admission was £5, £4 if you booked on-line – but then they cheekily charged 24p handling fee, so you only actually saved 76p!
     Many people complained about the admission price, and it was indeed a bit high, but then it was a high-end Hemingway Design Down From London do – which presumably inflamed some locals yet further. Some of our fellow citizens seem to think that all events should be free – unfortunately we’d end up with nothing.

        I went down there with friend Jan, and we had a happy time ferreting through the stalls. Lots of great old cars and well-dressed people. As you can see from the pictures,  weather was cloudy but dry. I did wonder how on earth they would have coped if it hasd been windy….

        Thinking beyond the admission price for a moment, as a Pier shareholder it does concern me that bits of the Pier are closed at unpredictable times for private hires. I know they have to make money, but it is supposed to be the ‘People’s Pier’ accessible to all.
        So far, they also do not seem to have the new catering arrangements sorted out. Jan and I had a coffee on the Upper Deck and it was understaffed and disorganised. I don’t know if the Pavilion is open yet – last summer we had a couple of lovely evenings eating outside as the sun went down – I hope we can repeat that.
       Making ends meet is a struggle for the Pier. I read in the report of the recent AGM that it costs £65k a month to run it….. that is a formidable challenge.  We will support it as much as we can!
        Next day, Philosopher and I got up early on a lovely morning and went to Icklesham Car Boot – a complete contrast. For admission, you just throw some change into a charity bucket as you drive past, and prices are really low. Having said that, at the first table I approached, some geezer wanted £6 for a skanky plastic plant container!
       Battleaxe readers may remember that we have been before and got fantastic bargains – not so much this time, unfortunately.  Still, it was great to be out on such a classic summer morning, the countryside was looking beautiful, and we followed it up with a civilised coffee in the garden of the Ship at Winchelsea Beach.

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