Happy Christmas from Hastings Battleaxe

All ready for Christmas, done and even dusted now. Philosopher has even put the candles on the revolving jingle chime thing, ready for tomorrow lunchtime. Just waiting for our friend +Shaun Mckenna  to arrive – hope he is not stuck on the M25.
     Actually the house was quite clean anyway – we had all the neighbours round for drinks on Tuesday so all was still tidy after that.
     We’ve had a pickled walnut crisis – I told Philosopher not to have such a hot bath – no, really, there aren’t any to be had in the whole of Hastings. Cold turkey disaster.
     Weather is horribly windy. I don’t like the way it howls around the house up here… It’s still incredibly mild though. Our turkey won’t fit in the fridge so we have had to make a cool box arrangement for it in the garage with a crate, lots of bubble wrap and ice packs – otherwise it would get too warm.
     I have spent ages trying to upload videos properly to this blog. The last one, the the most recent post about the Link Road uploaded OK from You Tube, but I forgot to rename it so after you view it once it turns into another file with the same name – a Japanese baby or something. I don’t dare look too closely in case it then turns into porn.
     I have tried to video the faithful singing Santas we brought down from Birmingham. They are nearing the end of their life – it is now ten years since they first danced and sang outside our house in Birmingham. The local kids used to love them.  Here they are on the front steps in Hastings – I hope this video is OK….

    Was looking at some of our other decorations. I remember when these tree baubles were bought in the 1950s. I was very small, and after a nasty visit to a dentist in Dublin, me and my parents went to Roche’s Stores to the Christmas department, and I had to visit Santa – which I hated. He scared me witless with his loud ‘Ho-Ho’ing and his whiskey breath….

     My daughter also liked the little house and the church when she was little.  We’ll pass them down to her. Some of the other baubles are even older – Father Christmas must date from the 1940s, he’s lost all his colour.

Vintage bauble

      Many of the others date from my first marriage in the 1970’s. This box came from Woolworths in 1974 – price 60p!

      Finally, here are the lights on the house – not a very sparking photo, but believe me, ours is still the most blinging display in the vicinity, and Digby preparing for Christmas.
      I have one more post to do before the New Year – Battleaxe’s fourth Blogoversary.

                                    Happy Christmas to all Battleaxe readers!


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