Follow the Herring, yarn bombs or Jager bombs?

Just going back to my last post, my friend Jacky added a comment quoting the Oxford English Dictionary definition of Art: ‘works produced by human creative skills and imagination’.
     I asked Philosopher for his definition. ‘What sort of a question is that,’ he sniffed. After nearly 30 years I should know better than to expect a simple answer. Anyway, when I badgered him further he did say something about art not having utility, – but then started ruminating about religious icon paintings. Finally, he pronounced that the definition was wholly in the mind/eye of the beholder. So there you go.
     The ‘Follow the Herring’ project down on the Stade has been interesting – the exhibition and the associated play has travelled down the East Coast from Musselburgh, finishing in Hastings. The route follows the annual progress of the Herring Lassies, women who would follow the shoals of herring down the coast, gutting and packing the fish in each port. Each venue on the route has added to the exhibition, and provided a choir of women for the play. Our local Women’s Institutes did yarn-bombing on the Stade. I’m afraid I don’t do yarn, bombed or otherwise, but our gang’s nets, fishes etc. were very good indeed. They have been working on the display for months, quite brave when some drunk could have wrecked it, kids nicked it or seagulls crapped on it on the first day it was out.  In fact, the display has been untouched.

Yarn-bombed sea creatures

     I always imagine that yarn-bombs would be spontaneous – you’d rush out and knit a cover for a tree-trunk overnight, but I suppose, thinking about it, that would be difficult.
     Shows how little I know. Maybe Jager Bombs would be more me. Have never had one. I just looked it up on Google and see it is a mixture of Jagermeister and Red Bull. No way could I drink that. These days, I can’t even have a cup of coffee after 4pm without staying awake half the night.
     The ‘Coat for a Boat’ was made by women in South Shields. Art?

Coat for a boat

My favourite fish

     Our WI women also contributed to a knitted fish and chip shop.

Knitted pickled eggs….

     We went to see the play ‘ Get up and tie your fingers’ on  Thursday night. It was performed outside, on The Stade Open Space.  Janet, a writing group committee friend, and Lin, from the WI, were in the choir. The play is about Herring Lassies, and, in particular, three women affected by the Eyemouth disaster of 1881 when 189 herring fishermen were drowned.

     The play was well-acted, if a tiny bit worthy, and the singing was excellent. Together with Shirley, from the WI, we got a bit cold and uncomfortable, and only stayed to the interval.  I have been told that the second half was very powerful and emotional, I’m sorry I missed it.
     Instead, we had a wander up the Old Town High Street – it was the Old Town Carnival all last week, and this night it was the Street Party. It was a lovely evening, and the place was absolutely packed with folk having a good time.

Packed High Street

     We are off on our travels this week, to Lyme Regis, Somerset and thence to Cardiff for my old friend Sue’s son Tom’s wedding. I hope it rains a bit in our absence or the garden will shrivel. It has not rained for weeks…..

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