New computer, WI Speaker Selection, and spring flowers

Slight delay in posting, Battleaxe has been somewhat busy. 
     First thing, I have got a new computer. The old one was Windows XP and Office 2003, and had got so slow I could make, and drink, a cup of tea while it lurched painfully into life. I avoided Windows 8, having seen Philosopher’s troubles, and got Windows 7.
     All sorts of annoying things have happened, not the least of which is that the faithful old ‘Picture Manager’ that I used to edit my photos has disappeared. I had to import a special programme, Picture Gallery, which is far more clunky.  Have also had to download the latest version of Word. Grr, it looks so complicated. Why oh why? Why update something only to make it worse, not better.
     Anyway, so far, touch wood, it works.
     Have been busy with other things too. Yesterday I went to a WI Speakers Selection Day over in Northiam, with Marion, one of my WI colleagues. It was a bit like a polite version of Britain’s Got Talent. Throughout the day hopefuls stood up and tried to convince us that they should be included in the WI Speakers’ Directory.  Unfortunately we didn’t have buzzers to get rid of the useless ones – the day would have been over much quicker.  We had: one geezer talking about the history of town criers, dressed in his uniform. Actually he wasn’t bad – at least his voice was loud enough to wake the snoozing ladies at the back of the hall. Then some bloke who had hiked round the British coast for charity, worthy but yawnsome. Then  a woman who looked like a games mistress barking at us about grizzly bears – no. Then a nice young man talking about beachcombing on the Sussex coast. I thought it was really interesting, my colleagues not so much, unfortunately. But beaches are my thing – see last post.
     Then, after lunch – a nice ploughman’s made by the ladies of Northiam WI, the ultimate horror. A seedy bloke with his shirt unbuttoned too far, who sang to a small guitar. He addressed us as if we were residents of a care home, with song choices to match. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Andrews sisters as much as the next woman, but when the song is prefaced by:
     ‘Which of you lovely girls remember these lovely girls? Eh? Of course you do…..’ No, No. Considering the group of women right in front of his nose had an average age of 30, I didn’t think he was trying. Still, at least he avoided The White Cliffs of Dover.
     Then another nice young man from Batemans talking about Rudyard Kipling…. and so on.
     I was sitting with Marion and a fun group of women including two from Wonky WI based in St Leonard’s. We had a good laugh.
   Today we had two Philosophers in the house – one of Nick’s former
students came by with his wife and two little children. No philosophy
was discussed however – the call of the beach was too strong. 
Finally, of course, the weather has been just fantastic, and I have
been outside gardening. To try out my new IT capacities, here are some flowers currently in bloom chez Battleaxe. Tulips have been excellent this year.

Dicentra – one of my favourites
Vibrant pink tulips
Even more vibrant orange tulips, with pansies
Osteospermum. It is perenniel here in Hastings
Blowsy yellow tulips
Unusual Australian mint bush. This would only have survived indoors in Birmingham
A wash-tub full of red tulips

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