Summer break in Hastings finishes in Conquest Hospital…

Phew – we have just returned from Birmingham having returned Grand-daughter.  Had a good few days with her here in Hastings.  We went to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Rodrick at the Odeon – wow, kids morning special – two of us plus child for £5.00!  The film was really funny – I think the Philosopher and I laughed more than anyone in the cinema – GD enjoyed it too fortunately.

Had an excellent day at Camber Sands – hazy sunny.  I attempted to go for a swim but foolishly chose time when tide was at its furthest out – walked and walked to the sea and then walked and walked and walked until was nearly in France, and it was still scarcely knee deep, so gave up in the end.  I am determined to swim in the sea more this year, but on rare occasions  it has been sunny and tide is in right place we have been busy….

We made our usual visit to the sea-front amusement park – I think GD enjoys their grotty predicatability – a lurch round on the dilapidated old ghost train, a climb round the wobbly house thing, and then a trip with Grandpa in the swan pedalos – here they are pedaling away….. However, GD was not pleased to find that the caterpillar roller coaster had gone – even though last time she said she was too old for it.  The swoopy spinny roundabout that has replaced it did not appeal to any of us.

Then a trip on the miniature railway, followed by pizza at Si! Italian.  All good.  We then watched one of our neighbours belly dancing on Winkle Island, as you do.

On her last day we went to Beachy Head – routine is that we ride up on the open-top bus and then walk back to Eastbourne.  It was a lovely fresh day and the wild flowers were stunning.  As usual, we bounced down the very very steep path into fabulous flower meadow.  I forged into the flowers, iphone held to eye, to take photo – and fell down a rabbit hole.  As we walked further on my foot started to hurt quite badly and I knew it was not good. I tottered back to the road and we got a bus back into Eastbourne instead of planned Dotto train from Holywell.

Back in Hastings, Philosopher and GD dropped me off at Conquest A&E – our first visit to our local medical facilities.  Was impressed – staff were very professional, and I was tri-aged, X rayed, diagnosed and fitted with nasty ski-boot thing in 1.5 hours. The place seemed far more friendly and manageable than huge Queen Elizabeth in Brum.  Have broken the end of a metatarsal in my right foot.  Back to the Fracture clinic tomorrow. 

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