Battleaxe loves Hastings Pirate Day – and Red Arrows

Glorious flawless sunny Sunday – and the famous Hastings Pirate Day!
     The Philosopher and I were relatively restrained in our pirate garb – too sensible really, but at least we didn’t boil and get burned to crisps.  It felt like all the town had dressed up, and there was a real carnival feel about the place.  It seemed very inclusive – there were Pirate babies, Pirate grannies, Pirate (sea) dogs.

  We oohed and arrghed around for a bit, then crammed onto the beach with all the other pirates for our official world record breaking attempt for numbers of pirates gathered in one place.  It was hot…. very hot, but fortunately we didn’t have to stay out there for too long.  Organisers had done a good job, even allowing there were thousands more than they had presumably bargained for.  It turned out we had absolutely smashed Penzance’s previous world record, with our14,200 pirates counted.

Hastings Pirate Day – aiming for the record 2012

     I asked the Philosopher… who was a pirate’s favourite philosopher?  Arrrrghistotle, of course.  I do find my own jokes the funniest…..
     By the time the Red Arrows came, we had gone home – thought it wouldn’t be much, they’d just fly over once and that would be it. As it happened, from our place up the valley, we had a fantastic grand-stand view from our own door-step, and better still, they flew up our valley several times to re-group themselves before swooping down to the sea again.  I don’t know who shrieked louder, us or the startled sea-gulls, as red planes roared up past the house so close we could wave to the pilots. It was a fantastic show and very scary.

Red Arrows at Hastings Pirate Day 2012

     All in all, a great day to make up for months of lousy wet weather.

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