Now it gets Hot…Hastings Battleaxe Mermaid takes to sea

Hastings Battleaxe Mermaid

The last few days have been incredibly hot…hot…hot.  So much so that the Philosopher and myself had to take to the sea this morning – it was Ancient Mariner calm… a few painted fishing boats on the painted sea.

I stuck it longer than him – have more blubber – and churned up and down busily and healthily for a bit.  I intend to go swimming quite often.  I want to be one of those old ladies you see on the TV news swimming on Christmas morning, in a reinforced, probably floral but maybe navy, swimming costume with a bosom like a shelf, and a white rubber swimming hat with lots of flowers on.  When I said this to the Philosopher, he said something along the lines of that being typical – I always had the look worked out, but actually doing the thing was a different matter….maybe he is right….

It was so hot in the house we had to let new cat Digby go outside, just to let a bit of air in.  He was good for a bit and stayed in view but then legged it into the next door garden.  He came back OK. So far, we  think he will be a nice cat to have around.  He is very gentle – we have seen no sign of claws yet, and likes to hang round and see what we are doing most of the time.

It is a mystery to us how people manage with cats that live indoors all the time – how do they cope with keeping the windows and doors shut on days like this?  Answers on a postcard, please.

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