Battleaxe and Philosopher get tangoed Skoda Yeti style

At the moment, the Battleaxe household supports two cars – my faithful Citroen Berlingo, and his Fiesta.  We thought we would need two, as originally I was going to go back to Birmingham frequently to do my duties as a housing association board member.  That ended abruptly – (full horror story available but not on here) – and we soon realised that one car stood idle most of the time, and we needed to downsize.

So we drew up a shortlist, and started our search with a Skoda Yeti – chunky, not too big, good load carrying capacity etc.  They only had one in stock in Eastbourne – and it was orange….  to cut long car nerdy story short (how bland cars are these days) – we are buying it.  The salesman said that no-one wanted it because of its colour, they prefer sliver etc.

How strange – well, to me, anyway, – people are.  When I go to the hairdressers it is usually a struggle to make the stylist understand that I want my hair Bright – they want me to have nice subtle lady-like tints and streaks.  Fortunately, now I go to Ronnie at the George Street Salon in the Old Town – he lies in wait with the colour bottle wanting me to go yet more outrageous…

Anyway – back to the car. We like the colour. I don’t think there are many about, so Hastings will see us coming.

Our new Skoda Yeti – a bit orange

I hope it has a bit of personality – the Berlingo did, but only because it was such a dogged little workhorse.  But bits are starting to go wrong badly – it is only a 56 reg, and has only done 40k miles, but the air-con has totally packed up, the cooling system has gone dodgy, the exhaust is about to drop off etc etc.  This does not say too much for Citroen robustness.  The Fiesta has been totally fine, but is not at all distinctive.

Oddly enough close friends of ours in Birmingham have also bought a Yeti in the last couple of days – it is obviously the model du jour….

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