Hastings Battleaxe in Battle

Two trips to Battle in two days:  quick look through the clothes shops (see earlier post) to see if there were any new Mad Battleaxe spring looks with gold lurex laces, fringy bits hanging off etc.  Needless to say there was loads of choice, garments further enhanced with wild print fabric for this season’s look.  Who else shops there apart from me? There must be only a finite number of mad old ladies/witches/over-age goths in East Sussex.

For the second trip, a long walk round Battle Great Wood with picnic for lunch. Nerdy moment coming now – I have just got the OutDoors GB app for my iphone.  You have to pay a bit to download the large-scale OS maps but it is well worth it.  Normally, on a woodland walk like that with loads of paths we would end up thrashing through the undergrowth, hot, sweaty and lost, but with this app – wow, it was brilliant.  Sun was boiling hot.  Lovely celandines, wood anenomies (that does not look right!) and primroses.  However, much of the wood was too coniferous for our liking, a bit samey.

Our route brought us out nicely near Burstow and Hewett – it was the picture sale, which we always like to pop into.  Goodness, you get some strange types at those sales – dealers, I guess, who make undertakers look cheerful.  I always try to look insanely enthusiastic when I bid, in the hope that others will see a mad woman and give up bidding against me…. Mind you, no disrespect to Burstows, but many of the pictures are very dull – wispy Victorian landscape watercolours with sheep walking down a path….. Take it from me, pictures of dogs and ships are the best sellers.

We had done a bit of panic petrol buying already (one does so like to set the trend), but just got home in time to hear advice about filling up one’s jerry can which one just happens to have in one’s garage.  Only a Tory would be so utterly out of touch with how most people live to think such a thing, let alone say it on telly.

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