Best sea-view cafe in Hastings?

View from Debenhams Cafe

Of course, I am leaving out the Jerwood – excellent if you want a view of the rusty old iron and broken crates on the Fishing Beach, the White Rock Hotel – too near the road, and the Azur…. this is the view from Debenhams cafe, an unexploited potential gem.  If the store were prepared to invest a bit in the cafe, it would be an excellent way of drawing more customers in.  As it is, the windows don’t open, and the sun blazes in making the place uncomfortably hot.  The menu is not exactly gastro either.  (This afternoon I had a cup of Earl Grey tea. It came with the bag separate from the pot of hot water, like you get in America or something, and then believe it or not the tea-bag was an American product. Why?)

I don’t think Hastings and St Leonard’s have enough sea-side cafes and bars – it is partly the geography, with the main road cutting off the shops on the sea-front, but Eastbourne and Brighton have managed it.

 Then of course there is supposed to be the new Lido – I’ll believe that when I see it!  I see from this morning’s local paper that it will now not be built until summer 2013 because of some water tank underneath the old Bathing Pool site going septic or some such nonsense.  Southern Water are a disgrace – I read that the tank discharges ‘septic’ matter onto the beach and into the sea.  How long would they have left that without taking any action?  How come it is OK to leave it until Summer 2013 to put it right?

I wish I could have seen the Bathing Pool before it was demolished.  The Philosopher and I love old Lidos.

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