Snowy Hastings

Snow, snow, snow…. Grey leaden sky looks set for more, too.  Best sights on our outing today – a 4 x 4 forging up Harold Road pulling two young girls, shrieking with delight, on a sledge behind it.  Looked great fun but none too safe.  As were not the next lot – a sledge, again loaded with kids, being pulled by two dogs down the Old London Road. 
     Then there were the young men making the snow people, complete with dog, bone and bowl, outside the  Italian Way.  Their sign said Poor and Hungry – we put some money in their bucket. From the West Hill, the East Hill looked like a Breughel painting – little dot people sledging in the snow.  The West Hill Cafe was like a steamy Alpine ski lodge.  How people love the snow – everyone talking to everyone else – dogs rushing round like mad things….

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