Battleaxe wants to be mindless… it’s all too difficult.

Who would not want to be mindless right now?  The government is in a state of collapse, the country is on its knees, and the weather is wintry.  Battleaxe had such a busy and stressful week that she is only just recovering. Think WI AGM and Winter Bazaar in the same week… OK, my week was not quite the same as Mrs May’s, but stress is stress…

Pinn – Financial Times

I read in the paper some random statistic that apparently 17% of the British population are totally unaware of the current Brexit crisis. Eh?  Some people have dementia, some have extreme mental illness or learning disabilities, some are unconscious in intensive care… but even allowing for that there are probably a few lucky souls who have no interest whatsoever in what is going on.  I do wish Battleaxe could be one of them… Maybe I should just try harder. Ahhh… here I am lying in the orchard outside our little house in Cirali, Turkey, back in the summer… true mindlessness then…

     Readers, I don’t want to bore you raving on about the current political situation. Honestly, it is beyond tragic, way beyond farcical.  Things do seem to have quietened down a bit since the hysteria of last week, and Battleaxe’s bones tell her that Theresa’s cobbled up ‘deal’ may well get through Parliament, against all the odds….

Peter Brookes

Why? I suspect much of the population is fed up of the whole thing and no longer gives a damn what deal the politicians agree, apart from being frightened by the ‘crashing out with no deal’ talk. When it comes to the vote, I think most of the Tory MPs except for frothing Brexiteer maniacs, will cave in, and I bet, lacking any cogent leadership or realistic alternatives, some Labour MPs will cave in as well. (Yes, Labour, I mean you. Negotiate a better deal with the EU? Get real. General Election? What the hell is the point of that? Jeremy Corbyn? Hopeless). But to return to Parliament, that leaves most of Labour, the likes of the SNP and those other maniacs, the DUP…. oh, I don’t know….
Look, don’t ask me for answers. I just want us to stay in the EU. Just call the whole bloody thing off. And don’t mention a ‘people’s vote’. That’s magical thinking as well. No decisive result would emerge. Most voters either wouldn’t turn out at all, or would vote, as before, randomly. The result would either be a tiny majority for Remain, which then would be endlessly disputed, or even a re-run tiny Leave majority…..
As an ordinary member of the population, we have so little say or influence over what goes on up there. Our fate is in the hands of warring gangs of fantasists, all pursuing their own agendas with no regard for the fate of the country or its people. We can sign petitions, we can march in our hundreds of thousands, we can lobby our MPs endlessy and nobody takes a pick of notice. OK, you can say, we had the Referendum, but that was just ridiculous. Nobody knew what they were voting for, and public opinion was ruthlessly manipulated by those same power-mongering fantasists.  The mass media feeds us inflammatory rubbish….
Well, touch wood, it looks as if the pathetic, lunatic Brexiteers and their absurd notion of a Tory leadership contest have been fended off, for now… I found this very good article from the ‘Scotsman’ about them – here is the link.  I liked this bit:

to make matters worse,
all of them are wealthy men playing with the future of 60 million
British citizens as if it were a Westminster chess game; while knowing,
with the profound confidence of privilege, that they will never feel on
their own skins the human cost of their Brexit gamble, or see it
impoverish and blight the lives of their own children.

“They were careless people, Tom and Daisy,” wrote F Scott Fitzgerald of
two wealthy characters in The Great Gatsby. “They smashed up things and
creatures, and then retreated back into their money or their vast
carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other
people clean up the mess they had made.” For Tom and Daisy read David
Cameron and Boris Johnson, and you have a strangely accurate account of
the situation in which Britain now finds itself; Read more at:

   Meanwhile, the UN have told us that the poverty of far too many of our population is shocking, but the Government, in the few seconds they can spare from tearing themselves apart over Brexit, deny the reality.  Public services are collapsing around our ears…

   Oh, enough of this. Here’s Alexandra Park looking lovely in the sun on our Sunday walk…



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