Eye-popping colour chez Battleaxe….

Yep, it is certainly eye-popping. The combination of those pink azaleas plus the blue cladding on the front of our house makes one feel positively faint….

    A quick post.  The wooden cladding on the front of the house was looking very scabby, so Philosopher’s first thought was to paint it with same substance as the shed in the back garden. We chose a tasteful blue but turns out that particular stuff is only suitable for bare wood. We chose another blue from the Dulux Weathershield range which went on a treat, but was perhaps a little more vivid than we anticipated….
    Next thing, along comes our annual eye-busting azalea display. These Barbie pink horrors were planted by the people who lived in our house before us – clearly pink was their thing.  The azaleas are so faithful and so prolific that I don’t have the heart to grub them up – many people like them, they are a local landmark….. However, the combination of the blue cladding and the pink azaleas is truly alarming.
    But to be honest, Battleaxe likes it.
    As I get older I am becoming increasingly into bright colour – I like to wear colour, and I like to see it around me. For my next trick, I want to tackle the garden furniture out on the back terrace – currently dull scabby woodstain/weathered wood.  Am thinking 70s colours to make the outside more of an extension of the front room – orange, lime green….. watch this space…..
    You can see from the photos that the long spell of blue skies and sun has suddenly collapsed. Not for long, apparently.  Still, who needs blue skies when you can just look at the blue house?

     Doing any job at our place means that you have to negotiate around a furry trip-up hazard who throws himself down wherever you are likely to put your feet, looking deprived and wanting attention….

    Final two photos are of clematis and some lovely irises in the back garden.  I have planted so many irises but they all disppear apart from these ones, who have grown into an enormous, tuberous clump….


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