Battleaxe gets into the Christmas spirit….

Merry Christmas all! Yes, it’s nearly here… presents are wrapped, house all lit up, much socialising has happened, too much food consumed….. the build-up to the big event seems to have gone on for weeks this year.  Here is the festive scene chez Battleaxe:

    We do love Christmas lights….. Our little close is gradually getting in on the act, but our house is still a beacon of sparkly vulgarity in he midst of discreet gentility…. 
     In the past ten days, as well as the WI do and the outing to the pantomime mentioned in previous posts, Battleaxe has been to London twice, once to meet old friend Pete who has just landed an excellent new job as Chief Executive of Bournville Village Trust,  and once with Philosopher to meet Anna for very nice lunch at National Gallery plus present exchange.  Both involved big meals. I would recommend the National Cafe restaurant at the National Gallery – on the ground floor at the east end of the building.  So handy for Charing Cross, and a bit more special (and more expensive) than our other  standby – the Crypt at St Martin in the Fields.
      Then we have had two do’s here in the house – one for the WI Committee, old and new, which involved a bring-and-eat buffet, We ended up with the most enormous amount of delicious food. This year everything went smoothly. I didn’t have to send Philosopher up to Ore Village for KFC because of culinary disasters, nor did Digby burst in through the cat door with a rat in this mouth…. did I write about that last year? I forget. However, I think the women were quite disappointed not to have the excitement…
       The other do was drinks and nibbles do for the nearby neighbours – we try to do it every year. A lake of Prosecco was consumed plus Battleaxe actually made some mince pies. Well, almost – I used ready-made pastry. But even so, it is amazing how much less greasy and cloying home-made mince pies are as against even the classiest shop-bought ones.  We had two little children this year.  The big hit for them was Choken Bako… what’s that?  A Japanese coin-eating dog money box. We are very fond of him, and ‘Choken Bako’ has become one of those strange but soothing phrases one finds oneself intoning at random moments. Or is it just me that does that…  Anyway, the little ones choked poor Choken so enthusiastically with coins that one of his legs fell off and Philosopher took about an hour to mend him…. but he is fine again now you’ll be glad to know.

       Back to pre-Christmas over-indulgence. I have had at least one huge celebratory lunch, and one truly enormous pre-Christmas evening dinner – have not eaten so much in years……..
        Now, have a got a window of peace and quiet to write this before our old friend Shaun arrives later today for actual Christmas. This morning we got up early to fetch the turkey from Marks and Spencers. All done remarkably quickly, vast carcass successfully stuffed in our fridge.
        Do I feel bad about this excess and over-indulgence when people just living up the road are relying on foodbanks, and the streets are increasingly full of rough sleepers? Our government makes me sick, as do all the Labour MPs who continue to prop up a deluded, wicked regime with supportive votes… Now, Theresa May is on about blue passports…. as if it matters. All I want is my European passport, and who cares about the colour! This is what she tweeted:

‘ The UK passport is an expression of our independence and sovereignty –
symbolising our citizenship of a proud, great nation. That’s why we have
announced that the iconic #bluepassport will return after we leave the
European Union in 2019.’

Just how shameful and embarrassing is that? Merry Christmas, one and all….

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