Battleaxe as nurse – or Matron, more like it…. and other things….

Well, Philosopher has had his operation, and now has new bionic hip. It doesn’t seem that bionic as yet, but really rather painful. Am not sure Battleaxe makes ideal nurse. In addition, have been rushing about with things like Amber Rudd’s Seniors Fair and heaven knows what else.

     He was put into the Spire Hospital, which seemed pretty good to me – I always seem to end up next door, in the Conquest. The Spire is surprising small, all on one floor. It was wonderfully quiet and restful – none of the raging ward hubbub I have experienced, (see previous post, although on that occasion I did manage to end up in a private room…) no persons with dementia ranting and raving in the next bed etc. Best of all, I could park, totally free, right outside the window of his room.  Mind you, we are darn lucky to have both the Conquest and the Spire just ten minutes down the road.
     The poor man had to wait virtually all day on Thursday for his operation – eventually had it about 3.30, but still came out on Saturday morning. He hobbles about on crutches and is surprisingly mobile considering the amount of bone sawing and drilling that must have gone on. Painful though. Battleaxe has had operations that involve rummaging about in one’s innards and it does not seem to involve nearly as much pain.
     Battleaxe is not a natural nurse – think Hattie Jacques as Matron, but much thinner and not susceptible to the charms of Kenneth Williams. See ‘Batttleaxe of the Month’ in sidebar….
     On Friday I had an unbelievable day. Philosopher in hospital.
     In the morning it was Amber Rudd’s Seniors Fair down at the Saga Building in town.  Our WI had a stall there. Ages ago, I’d had a letter from Amber inviting us to take part in her ‘Pensioners’ Fair’ I replied very sniffily that I didn’t think this description accurately represented  our members, and I wouldn’t join in. Many are younger, those that are older wouldn’t like to be referred to as ‘pensioners’ etc. Also, what about the WASPI generation? The word ‘Pensioner’  inflames those women who won’t be getting a pension for years and years. That event was cancelled due to the General Election. After the election I get another letter saying the event had been rearranged, this time they were calling it ‘Seniors Fair’, and inviting us again. This time I accepted. Three of my committee colleagues led on the event, but I thought I’d pop down and show my face.
      They’d given us a poor position, right up the end of a row, so spent some time working the room with leaflets etc. Here’s our WI table – it looked good.

     There was a big WASPI demonstration outside. I can’t imagine how they got there….. I had a long talk with our local East Sussex county councillor (keen Tory boy Laurie Loe who looks all of 16) about Ore Library. Amber eventually showed up, but I had to leave….. and went up to the hospital to visit the patient.

     Earlier, I’d noticed that Digby the cat had bad eyes – one was vitually gummed shut. Phoned the vet and took him in mid-afternoon. He weighs an absolute ton and I had grave difficulty in forcing him into his cat carrier… turns out he has conjunctivitis, and was prescribed eye gel. His brief vet visit and the gel cost 47 quid, while Philosopher’s operation and stay in a private hospital cost precisely nothing.

     Back at home, the phone rings and it is a man from a TV company. They’d contacted us before – making some TV programme about Holman Hunt’s painting ‘Our English Coasts’, which, Battleaxe readers may remember, was largely painted at Clive Vale Farm, where this house now stands.  The TV people had found out this from my blog. Anyway, the bloke says he is in the area doing a ‘recce’ and can he come and look at the view from our house….. So, round he comes and we spend a happy half hour yarning about local history.  I dunno if I was manic from stress but he seemed so thrilled with everything I said that he now wants to come back again when they do the filming with some well-known arts presenter – I forget which one – who is the front man for the programme.  I doubt that will happen but watch this space…. Oh hang on, I think I’ve found the programme… it’s on Sky Arts.  It’ll be the next series.
     Then off I go up to the hospital again….
      I fetched Philosopher out on Saturday which meant that I had to miss the Save Ore Library demonstration, which I had helped to organise. I wasn’t too sorry to have a lower profile because our WI had already been all over the local press, apparently in charge of organising this – in fact we were just part of the campaigning group.  And, we can’t campaign on everything – it is not long since the toilets…. but plenty of our members turned out, and the protest was very successful. I reckon it will do bog all to save the library though.


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