Something strange on the Stade…. more odd Art.

Went down to town this morning to meet up with two friends of Turkey/Lyme Regis buddy Karol, who have just moved into All Saints Street.  Encountered this when waiting for Philosopher.  This is another very quick post – am going away very shortly. More when I return…..


     Anyway, this is an Art Installation ‘The Tempest, The Shore’ by Brian Mander. Very eerie cement statues of babies tied up with rope. It is part of the Coastal Currents Festival. Philosopher thought it looked vaguely fetishistic. I thought it was just plain odd.
      Here is a photo of what the sculptor/creator has to say about his work.

      Ah well, there you go.
      I expect passing Hastingas of a more philistine disposition will help themselves to a few of these to liven up their gardens…..
      The people we met, who seemed very nice, are enjoying life in Hastings so far – but they have only been here two weeks…. do they realise quite what a mad place they have fetched up in?

Never heard of this artist – and his website looks to be in evolutionary process. Ah well.


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