Alexandra Park – Miniature railway and wild garlic

Hastings Battleaxe readers will know that each year, we make a pilgrimage to the very top corner of Alexandra Park to visit the wild garlic wood.  Even though we had seen such a fantastic display at Hole Park (see previous post) we couldn’t let the tradition lapse.  Also, I wanted to go on the Alexandra Park Miniature railway, and to walk the Race for Life route.

     Race for Life? Yes, this year on 12 June I am doing the 5k Hastings event with our WI team. It sounds far more impressive than the reality. 5k is only just over three miles, and we’ll be walking and gossiping more than running… but still. Anyway, I have missed all sorts of preliminary walks, and as the garlic wood is just next to the route, I persuaded Philosopher to join me in a full circuit, with a stop at the park cafe for coffee, and another stop for a ride on the railway.

     The garlic was looking very good – if possible, even better than last year, and Philosopher took these lovely pictures of cormorants on the Shornden Reservoirs.

Wild garlic in Alexandra Park


     The large pool is full of huge fish, many cruising near the surface.  I read somewhere that these are inedible carp (is that right?). I think even Mr Cormorant would choke on something this size.

   Next, to the railway.  I wrote an earlier post all about Hastings’ profusion of funiculars and miniature railways.  This one in the park has only been open for a few months after extensive rebuilding. It only cost £2 for a long ride, including a tunnel, bridge over a stream etc.  Mind you, it has a smaller guage than the railway on the sea-front, and the ‘carriages’ are designed for extremely small people. We could scarcely squash our legs in.  Anyone bigger than us would have to give it a miss. However, when it comes to little railways, Battleaxe has an extremely small mind, so was not going to pass up the experience.
    It was very good and excellent value,  but I do prefer a steam engine…  I took a video, durr, yawn, nerd alert….

      Lastly, a lovely water view photo.  We are so lucky to have such a beautiful park on our doorstep.
      Later today, we are setting off to Germany, visiting step-son Tom who works in Hanover. We are flying to Hamburg for a few days tourism first.  This time three years ago we did something similar, combining Hanover with Berlin.  That time we drove there.. no thanks, not again, we’ll hire a car when we get there. Will write about our trip when we get back later next week.

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