Hastings Battleaxe is laid low – quick rant and catch-up before departure to Turkey

Low indeed. Have had some terrible flu/chest/sinus thing, and have done very little. Have got strong antibiotics now, and am hoping that I will feel a bit better before we leave for Turkey tomorrow. 
     We are going back to Cirali – see last year.  This time, however, we are staying in the Olympos Lodge Hotel, the swishest joint in the village, and our friend Shaun McKenna is coming with us.
      Have missed loads of things here. The Coastal Currents Festival passed me by. All I saw were these strange and beautiful feather sculptures in the crypt of St Mary in the Castle, by someone called Kate MccGuire (why so many c’s?).

Beautiful feathers

      Open Studios, women sawing legs off the chairs they were sitting on? Someone launching himself out to sea in a giant paper boat? Mermaid’s tea party? Missed them all.
      Then there were the Heritage Open Days – I wanted to see the Alexandra Park Greenhouse. Not this time.
       So what has been going on? Well, it is Scottish voting day today. Don’t even talk to me about that Referendum. What an utter waste of time and money. How completely ridiculous is our government. Why they ever got us into this, with such a stupid yes/no vote, with a simple straight majority result, and the rest of us having no say in what we want to happen to the UK, just beats me. Why do those silly Scots think they are the only ones who Don’t Have a Voice at Westminster?  Do we in Hastings? No.  Quite why anyone can get worked up about such petty outdated nationalism when there are grave problems just about everywhere else, and our public services are collapsing round our ears, beats me.
      That’s that rant done then. Fluffy Kittens, Philosopher says.

      Oh hang on…. What’s this? I saw yesterday that the winner of the 2014 Jerwood Drawing Prize was an audio installation. Someone reading aloud about a pot. What?  Eh? How?  A few months ago I heard from a senior Jerwoodista’s own lips that drawing was ‘making marks in space’.  Does sound make marks in space?  Sound waves? I didn’t even get Fluffy Kittens from Philosopher this time.  He put his fingers in his ears and went ‘na na na’. Not surprising really, it is even less interesting than Scotland.
       Enough Battleaxe ranting. Finish with something nice.
       We have altered our back garden to make a Mediterranean bit. Philosopher made a wall down the middle of the lawn for a raised bed, and made the sundial out of an unused bird bath. I did the seating area, we put down lots of gravel, and it looks quite good. Here it is. It needs lots more planting but that will have to wait until after holiday. It is as dry as anything here – no rain for weeks, and worse still, little forecast for our absence.

New Mediterranean garden

        Talking of Fluffy Kittens, what is that sticking out of the artfully tumbled Cretan Urn?

Digby cooks himself

       I’m surprised Digby doesn’t cook in there, but he likes it.
       I’ll try and do a blog from Turkey – depends on the WiFi. At the moment I feel almost too sleepy to totter onto the plane. The antibiotics have turned me into a zombie.

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