Beautiful day at Beachy Head

Thought I’d include a bit of glorious sun at Beachy Head to brighten up the grey, wet weather we have mostly had this week.
     Hard to believe this was only Wednesday…. Having said that, this morning we were sitting outside drinking coffee in the sun at the West Hill Cafe.
     We combined a pre-Christmas trip to Waitrose in Eastbourne with a walk. It was absolutely sublime. The

Blue skies….

sky was really as blue as in the first picture, the air was fresh and clear and the sun was glittering on the sea so brightly you could scarcely look at it. There were lots of paragliders floating about – the breeze was obviously just right for them to drift over the edge of the cliffs, and then, astonishingly, to glide back up to land safely on the top again. It must have been wonderful for them, but very scary. No way would I go gliding off the edge of Beachy Head on anything….
     I’ve mentioned before on this blog how being up on the top of those cliffs raises my spirits – it’s hard to describe, but it is like one’s whole self expands and lightens. Full of hot air, I guess.
    We encountered the Chaplain, and fell into conversation with him as we walked along. He pointed out a peregrine falcon to us. He seemed a bluff, no nonsense sort of bloke, more like someone who would come and service the boiler rather than an empathetic soul who would dissuade anyone from making that final leap. But I’m sure I do him a disservice.
     Later, Philosopher and I idly speculated about what manner of Chaplain would be best to talk to each of us, if we found ourselves in that predicament. I fancied a softly-spoken grizzled ancient sage type, but knowing this area and my luck I’d end up encountering one of those beardy beery old geezers who do Jack-in-the-Green. Philosopher wanted, at the very least, a  properly ordained man of the cloth, presumably so he could argue appropriately with him.

Paragliding over the edge….

     One should not be flippant about these things. I just googled up the Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team. They (women as well as men) are not ordained (sorry Philosopher), but are volunteers specially trained in ‘crisis intervention’. I was astonished, and somewhat humbled, at how much they do. In an average week they deal with around 15 incidents involving  ‘suicidal or despondent’ persons. Sadly, in most months, 2 or 3 people will jump to their deaths. 
    For us, fortunately, we could end our walk with a pint of Harveys and a nice lunch at the Beachy Head pub.
    What else? Christmas Party at the WI on Tuesday, my first event as a committee member. It was hard work, but clearly most meetings will not require so much rushing around.
     Have now finished Christmas shopping, and we had the Big Switch On of our Christmas lights a few minutes ago. As last year, our house totally out-sparkles our neighbours (most do nothing….). We have the good old singing Santas installed down the front steps – last year they sang and danced at all odd moments, day and night, but Philosopher says he has sorted them this year – kicked them in the whatsits most likely.
     We are off on our travels shortly – to see my sister in Bedford, and up to Birmingham

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