Romantic Rye Harbour, stunning October weather

Just a quick round-up -we are off on our travels again any minute, to Cornwall, for our wedding anniversary. Will write more about that on our return.
     On Saturday we went down to Rye Harbour – to walk, and to take a couple of photographs to Morgan and Peter who keep the Avocet Gallery and Tearoom – one of our favourite places. The cakes there have to be the best ever, anywhere, and they always have lovely things to look at. I see they got a write-up in Coast magazine this month – well-deserved.
     The walk was very special, because by chance, we had arrived at the highest point of one of those extra-high tides – a spring tide? The landscape was transformed, and instead of progressing along a river, the boats on their way up and down the harbour channel to the sea looked as though they were sailing over a lake. When we reached the sea, Camber Sands had vanished – just a narrow strip by the dunes was left.
     To make things even more romantic, there was a sailing boat race, and there was a very unusual light – the weather was just about to crack into blazing sun.

Car boot

     The next morning was just beautiful – sunny, sparkly dew on the grass. We got up early to go to the Icklesham car boot sale, which we occasionally cruise – it is better than many, with a variety of stalls besides the obligatory endless kids plastic toys. What a nightmare that plastic stuff is. The planet will collapse under the weight of it all. We saw various people we knew, neighbours, from the WI, and coincidentally, Peter Quinnell, the partner of Claire Fletcher as mentioned in my last post, on the look out for likely bits and pieces for his artistic creations.


     By our standards, we were modest. I bought a set of Hornsea spice jars in their original wooden rack, a nice weathered old plant pot, a quantity of Doulton retro china that I probably won’t keep, two avocado pear dishes and a load of drawing material for Eve, who is coming at half-term. Philosopher got a couple of books.
     Then we went down to the Old Town for Fish and chips. Saw this strange knitted bicycle – maybe a left-over from Coastal Currents?
      Weather is now wonderful and sunny. Have done a lot of gardening, planting bulbs mostly, but have also made a new flower bed.
       Philosopher has re-stained the art shed.
      Went to WI meeting last night – we iced and decorated little Christmas cakes. Cue Battleaxe to be totally useless! Still I brought my effort home and Philosopher ate it all up. I hope his cast iron stomach mechanisms are still in place from when he’d have to eat similar sticky, misshapen, grubby, much fingered offerings from our kids!

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