More sun … hot night at the Stables etc.

I have not written a new post for a week – the weather has been absolutely scorching boiling hot. No weather for sitting indoors. 
There will be another post about Pirate Day to come very soon, and one on Bombastic Battleaxe about Social Housing – not time for that now, I have to try on my pirate corset….
     My study faces the front of the house, it gets very sunny, and I have to keep the door shut when I am not in there to keep Digby the cat from jumping up into my precious collection of spaghetti poodles….  Our bedroom faces the sun also – we have a blackout blind but when the windows are wide open the blind flaps annoyingly and you can also hear the seagulls gather for their 5am team meeting on the flat roof right outside the window….but for all that, I love this weather.  One night, when I pulled the blind up to stop it rattling, I saw  the moon shining a beautiful silver path on the sea…..
     Have been doing sunny seaside things – we swam in the sea.  The temperature may be 30 degrees but the sea was so cold you could have heard my screams in Eastbourne.  However, I stayed in longer than Philosopher – I have a thicker layer of blubber.  Also, much sitting in pub gardens, eating ice-cream, drinking too much Pimms with neighbours etc – and endless watering the garden.

Yes, it was that blue in Bexhill….

      Our old friend Bill from Brum came down to stay this week.  We went to the De La Warr in Bexhill, and then to Herstmonceux Observatory to look at the telescopes etc – he is keen on astronomy.  The next day we went for a walk at Winchelsea Beach, followed by a really nice lunch  at the Ship.  I had a starter/light meal of scallops – excellent. Bill was pleased to find some wild boar sausages in the shop.
     In the evening we went down to the Stables to see ‘Harvey’.  It is that story about a bloke who is accompanied by a six foot white rabbit only he can see. The play was, I thought, one of the best we have seen there – the chap who played the lead was really excellent, and

Garden of the Ship – looking good

all the cast seemed confident with their parts. However, not surprisingly, the theatre was absolutely boiling hot – the couple in front of us came over queer and left.
     We were laughing about a time when some other friends, John and Jan, went with us and it was so cold you could see your breath, and we all sat with our coats pulled over us and tucked under our chins like blankets.
     When Bill left on Saturday morning we set off to the Detling Antique Fair – out there on the North Downs we encountered freak low cloud weather conditions – it was freezing and rainy – and I just had bare legs and a sleeveless vest…..

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