Gaunt Posh, freezing cold – and many gas men

Gaunt Posh? Gaunt Steph?  Gaunt Steph Gaunt? Some hopes of that.  It is a sad fact, that as Battleaxes get older, they get more solid. Not necessarily fatter, just solid – hard to reduce. 
     See latest rant on Bombastic Battleaxe on diet truths and lies, food labelling etc.
     Our friends Sue and Alex in Birmingham are on that Fast Diet business, where you live on a very restricted diet indeed for two days a week, and eat normally for the rest of the time. At the moment, they say they feel better for it. This may be the case, but this Battleaxe would be hopeless on that regime – I get weak and bad-tempered with hunger if I don’t eat regularly, and I could pack in such vast amounts of grub on the ‘normal days’ that the benefits of the fasting would be lost. I have just had an energetic hour in the garden, laying slabs in the spot that gets the sun last thing in the evening, to make a little ‘martini corner’. No way could I do that without some proper food.
     At the moment, sipping an evening drink while watching the sunset in our corner is just fantasy. It is 1 March today, and still absolutely freezing cold – we have had no sun for days, and the north-east wind is relentless, biting and savage.
     Next Saturday –  9 March – we set off for our annual week in Sennen Cove in Cornwall, with friends from Brum. Unless something drastic happens to the weather pretty damn soon, we are going to be perished.

Gas main chaos…
Digby checks on progress

    Here, we have a road full of gas men at the moment, renewing the mains pipes. They have been here for well over a week already, and show no signs of finishing.  Every house has a huge hole outside, and the place is full of men, vans, drills, diggers, tipper lorries etc.
     Digby the cat spends a lot of time out there helping the men, inspecting the works and looking earnestly into the holes – we are a bit afraid he will be either entombed, carried off in a lorry full of earth, or run over, but what can we do….he is a cat.
     However, the men are very good  – keeping us informed – very helpful. Philosopher just said they had even offered us fan heaters for when they turn off our gas tomorrow.
     Finally, another blogging milestone achieved – in February I had over 1000 ‘hits’ for the first time – and it was a short month too.

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  1. glamgran62
    March 1, 2013 / 11:40 am

    Hi There.ridiculous that I am contacting you like this and not over the garden fence!We had another grandson this week – 2 weeks early so our time has been taken up with that. All the family are coming tomorrow to meet new member and we will have no gas to cook on. They have very kindly offered me a large microwave oven one of them has in his garage and I am doing loads of cooking today! So they will be parking anywhere! Come and have a drink next week before you go to Cornwall

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