Buying Clothes for Foxy Battleaxes – why is it a High Street Nightmare?

Why indeed? Buying clothes on the High Street is becoming increasingly difficult, partly because designers seem to be going through a bad patch, but mostly because the shops only cater for skinny young women.
     No, I’m not thinking the classic range in M and S, either. Don’t start me on M and S….
     I don’t much like buying clothes on-line – I like to feel the fabrics, hold the garments up against me, try things on….
     This is just a short post to say that I have just put my personal guide to clothes-buying, and a list of my favoured brands, on Bombastic Battleaxe.
     Went to Battle earlier in the week – investigated the clothes shops. I always look in Enigma – distinct danger of Pagan Priestess, and Raggs – tendency towards Mad Cat Lady.  I found another – Farrago – small stock but really good.
     I’m lucky with Philosopher – he actually enjoys looking at women’s clothes, and has a good idea of what suits me. Being  a man, he has the odd blank spot – including a mysterious liking for skin-tight leather, and he does eventually get bored…. Why don’t more women’s clothes shops have man corners where they can sit down in comfort and read Supercar Monthly or something?

     To change the subject completely, we have a fox wandering about outside, even in broad daylight. His screeching and barking is quite annoying.What is up with him? (I think he is a dog-fox). Is he hungry? Is he establishing his territory? Quite likely that is it. I have just looked it up – this time of year is the start of the fox mating season.
     Here he is, photographed by the Philosopher,  I did worry he was starving but he looks well enough – according to the Fox Website:
     ‘A recent study in Bristol found that  on each fox territory there is at
least 150 times as much food available as is needed by each fox’.

     I’m not sure that applies here – not sufficiently urban.


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