Battleaxe visits coach at De La Warr, Bexhill

Last blog I talked about the Boat and mentioned the wobbling coach – well, I thought we ought to go to Bexhill and see it.  Went to the De La Warr Pavilion for coffee and there it was, wavering about over the edge of the building.  It is called ‘Hang on a Minute Lads I’ve got a great idea’, after the last line in the Italian Job.  By someone called Richard Wilson (thought he was a grumpy old sitcom actor). 

Coach at the De La Warr

It looks quite good, especially looking up from the car park, and they have got it to wobble quite convincingly.  I took a video of it on my iphone but it didn’t come out that well – hard to tell if was the coach wobbling or the phone wobbling in the wind.  But as I said before about the Boat, I just don’t know what referencing the Italian Job with some ruddy great bus on a building has to do with the Olympics.  Neither do I even think it is Art.  Entertainment, certainly, but not Art.

The Philosopher says I am wasting my time thinking about What Is Art – it is a meaningless argument that has lost all sense or relevance.  I guess he is right, but it feels like at some point enough people have to stand up and expose the Emperor’s New Clothes and say these installation things may be fun, they may be interesting, they may even be shocking, but they are Not Art.

Anyway, less of that.  After coffee we were lucky to find a nice old cheval mirror in a junk shop.  I had already bought one on Ebay for new bedroom in new house, but it made me look fat.  After a few weeks of seeing this podgy lump every morning I couldn’t stand it.  Thank goodness, and surprisingly, the Philosopher agreed – I thought Fat Mirrors were a woman thing.  The new mirror is much more flattering.

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