How much worse can it all get?

Of course, it could be much worse… we could be flooded out of our home, with everything ruined, no insurance and no hope of selling our house. We could be in Syria. We could be… View Post

Hastings Battleaxe hangs out in Eastbourne

Spent the day in Eastbourne yesterday – keeping Philosopher, and our car, company. Went to the Towner Gallery, Beachy Head, Waitrose- such excitements! Sunny, but cold, on Eastbourne Beach       Our old friends Sue and… View Post

Eastbourne wanderings – a random Battleaxe day out

We have been to Eastbourne loads of times, but somehow never get familiar with the place.      Elm tree in Eastbourne     It is larger than one might think, and very sprawling. After umpteen visits… View Post

Summer stuff, friends, Battleaxe Birthday, Towner etc.

So, back in from the garden – what else has been going on?      Busy… I have just about finished the Hastings Writers’ Group website, and very good it looks. Am now working to get… View Post

A day-trip… to Waitrose

Yes, I know, this sounds really sad, but believe me, it isn’t. What are we to do if the nearest Waitrose is 20 miles away? A lovely sunny day, too.  First, we drove over to… View Post