Hastings Battleaxe ponders on the nature of things…

The nature of things… What? Well, looks like the thought of Battleaxe bursting out as an extremist (see last post) was just too scary for Suella, because she immediately resigned. Then David Cameron was resurrected, but all that is old news. Yesterday we had some ridiculous Autumn statement thingy. So good to reduce government revenue when any fule kno that the country is on its knees…So, what have I been up to? Out and about including a first-time visit to the Cove in Fairlight, Christmas shopping, making things. Some sunny days, some really wet wash-outs. To start us off, here’s foxy, taken near the Bale House in the Country Park. Apparently he’s a regular visitor, getting scraps from the cafe. Battleaxe doesn’t really hold with encouraging/taming wild creatures. There are so many dogs off-lead up there. Suppose one catches poor foxy?

I’ve actually done some homebody crafting. Went to a fabric picture making workshop with talented friend Jacky Scales, and after a few days further effort, produced this. It’s not perfect but am quite pleased with it. Believe it or not I intend to make three more in the same series – the other seasons, using the same basic design.

What is Battleaxe doing, you may ask. Well, I actually quite enjoy making things, but to the possible disappointment of my crafty WI chums, I don’t enjoy it quite enough to make a habit of it, and when I do attempt craft projects, I rarely finish them. Also, to me it feels like generating yet more stuff to clutter up our world… there is so much around us as it is. So many people in the world have nothing…. what about those poor Palestinians, at least a million of them, forced to leave their homes with nothing but a suitcase?

The other day Battleaxe had a good day out in Bexhill with friend Jan. We went round zillions of shops – all full of stuff for Christmas. Much of it is naff in the extreme, presumably sent by the mega ship-load from China. Last Saturday I went to the WI Craft Fair at Pett Village Hall – not us, Pett WI. They are an absolute money-making machine – apparently they sold 1,000 raffle tickets at £1 each, and that was in addition to the heavingly busy tearoom etc. Anyway, my point is that it was a big hall crammed full of lovingly made stuff… Now don’t get me wrong, many crafty makers are very talented, and I do respect their creativity, industry and capacity to persist and finish things. Even at her great age, Battleaxe butterflies from one thing to another far too much. I guess I’m just oppressed by Christmas shopping – all those things to find, buy and wrap!

Enough of that, what else? Yesterday, went with friends Jenny and Peter to the Cove in Fairlight for lunch. What’s that on the leaflet above? Grace Dent? One understands she is now debasing herself on ‘I’m a Celeb’ with that odious creature, Farage.  How could she? Believe me, you’d have to torture Battleaxe before she watched a single minute of that grotesque spectacle, with that disgusting apology for a human being. Brrr.  Anyway, the Cove used to be a really grungy pub – soon after we moved to Hastings, Battleaxe and Philosopher ate a huge stodgy Sunday lunch there, and then had to walk all the way back up the hill to the car park at the Country Park. It nearly killed us. But now it is run by the same people that own the very good Crown pub in All Saints Street, and has been turned into an of-the-moment gastro destination. It is really nicely done out, and the food was excellent. They do a two-course lunch for £20, and a varied, but slightly pricier, ordinary menu. Battleaxe would recommend.  Here are Peter and Philosopher in situ.

On Monday I made what might be my last visit to Andy McConnell’s glass hoard, (see this post). Truckloads of stuff we have sorted and packed are now on their way up to a specialist auction house in Stourbridge.  Lots else to a general dealer, some to charity… and broken and chipped stuff, thrown away. But much remains, including, and I don’t exaggerate, at least 1000 odd glass decanter stoppers.

The Battleaxe creative butterfly has been busy in the novel-writing patch for some time now. The literary world is certainly not gagging for the first one – have now had several rejections from prospective agents, but the second one in the series is now underway… I plan to produce a series of three.

A sunny day does lift the spirits. Look at this blue sky.


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  1. Heather Godwin
    November 24, 2023 / 9:44 am

    Our fame has been exaggerated -Pett WI, that is – we sold 1000 tickets, not books, at the Winter Fair and made over £1,600 which will be split between the Rye Hub, the 1066 Pink Ladies and the Rye Food Bank. Perhaps you could edit when you have a moment, Steph. X

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