Cirali,Turkey… Battleaxe is too hot to think….

The weather here in Cirali, Turkey is strange just now…. I gather they have just had record rain back in Hastings….and are now heading for record heat. This is our second week here, and last week we too had a couple of massive storms, and another just when our friend Shaun arrived. Now it is astonishingly, energy-sappingly hot – 35 degrees.

We got a shock when we arrived – apparently in the winter they had bad floods here, and much of the front of our establishment has been rebuilt and remodelled – they have even raised the level of the garden to keep the sea at bay, and built a fancy new building in case of bad weather. Climate change….

So, how is Turkey? Lovely as ever. Politically, it feels as if things are starting to shift – Mr Erdogan’s party just lost the Istanbul Mayoral election, and we are starting to see a bit more of this once again, as pictured above… Ataturk, the founder of secular Turkey.

It is reassuring to realise that these things don’t last. We are glad to be out of the UK political  nightmare for a bit but these days, there is no escaping the media. Here are Shaun and Philosopher…

Battleaxe and Philosopher did one new thing this year, went up in a taxi to a nearby village called Ulupınar, where they have restaurants built over a river.  It was OK but the weather was a bit overcast and misty.  Also, the rain had made the river very high and rapidy – would not have fancied falling in.


There were loads of ducks up there… that reminds me, there is a duck at our place called Faroosia.  Battleaxe complained because her pen was too small, so they let her out.  Turns out she is obsessively greedy and very fierce.  She spends her time in the dining area pecking at the legs of anyone who has food, so has to be returned to her pen…. well, I tried.

This is going to be a short post with pretty pictures. I have written about Cirali so much before – here is a post from last year.

We love it here…. and we’ll be back next year!




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