Hastings Battleaxe reflects on Trump Inauguration Day – Sad

I woke up this morning to a beautiful dawn and then remembered it was Friday, 20 January. A shameful day for America. A very bad day for all humanity. Is Battleaxe even going to watch the farce being acted out in Washington later today?  Shouldn’t she just shut up and enjoy another sunny day in Hastings?

      Martin Luther King is all over the internet right now, after that John Lewis business. Yes, OK, I admit I did wonder for a quick moment why Trump was bothering to insult our nation’s favourite department store…
      I hope we Brits did not influence the rise of Trump with our jingoistic Brexit nonsense, but I guess many people in America won’t even have heard of Brexit.
      I suppose Brexit makes the Trump thing a bit easier to understand. We can’t act all superior over here because we have been, and continue to be, nearly as incomprehensibly stupid. The day after May’s ‘big speech’ I saw the headlines in the tabloids.  How shameful to see the gloating in the Daily Mail about what is total fantasy. Already India are apparently saying that we can’t have a new trade deal with them without us allowing free movement of their labour. Do we really think we’ll get any sort of favourable deal with Trump without selling our souls to the Devil?  Does anyone really believe we can leave the EU and expect them to offer us the same terms as before? How on earth can that vile troll Boris Johnson continue as Foreign Secretary….
      Ah well, at least the slavemasters using unfortunate East Europeans to do the jobs our people won’t dirty their hands to do will be able to get Indians and Bangladeshis instead. It’ll be like going back to the good old days of Empire. Just what the Leavers wanted.
       Still, we may be bad here but at least we have not handed the nuclear codes to an out-of-control maniac. I won’t go on about Trump. What is there to say that has not been said a million times over, and nothing can be said that will even touch his deluded followers.
      Why, all of a sudden, is the world drowning in lies? Why, apparently, are we now living in the ‘post-truth’ era?  Has it always been the case?  Are the liars more immoral now, the media more venial? Is it declining standards of education? Is it ‘fake news’ on social media? I don’t know. There was a good article in The Guardian the other day about the discrediting of statistics.  Here is the link.  For sure, once we cease to believe in such things, we are in trouble.
      Oh no. Cold feeling of shame. Battleaxe is not innocent here. It is only a few weeks ago that I was boasting, yes boasting, to my stepdaughter Anna that I used to make up references to pad out my essays when I was doing my Psychology Masters. And yes, sometimes I used to make up statistics. If anyone from Aston University from 30 years ago is reading this, I’m sorry. I knew full well that the academics were only interested in experimental stuff – artifical intelligence and electrical impulses in the brain. I knew they’d never bother to check the veracity of, for example, an impressive sounding ‘study’ by the fictitious Rothenstein and Nitherswell, University of San Diego on something like the impact of short-term psychodynamic counselling on sexually-active males who did not use contraceptives.
      Well, after that confession, is Battleaxe going to watch the business in Washington this afternoon? I guess so, if only in the hope that something will go wrong… I’ll have a glass of champagne to wash it down and think hopeful thoughts – sorry, MLK again…..

    Won’t be able to watch all of it becasue we have our ‘in-house’ Pilates teacher coming. Yes, you did read that right. I was going to do a post on exercise – that’ll have to wait, along with the current major issue round here – Toilet-gate.
       So, it is indeed a a sunny day in Hastings. Here are the pictures, taken an hour ago on Pelham Beach, to prove it.

Looking towards the Pier
So bright….
Leigh Dyer’s sculpture, ‘The Landing’



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