Will Hastings Battleaxe get political?

Oh, of course Battleaxe will get political, she wouldn’t be a Battleaxe otherwise, would she?  I don’t think anyone could ignore what’s been happening round here – we must be the laughing stock of the world. Philosopher says give up and stick to fluffy kittens, so here is Digby looking suitably fed up.

OK I’ll be quick about it.  Skip this if you are totally Brexited out. And everything might be different again in a week’s time….
Battleaxe voted Remain. We should never have had this Referendum in the first place. The issues are far too big to play around with, or to be used as tools for securing party unity (yes, you Mr Cameron).  Britain is a small cog in a huge global economy. Being part of Europe is our best chance of survival. The Leave campaign was based on a fantasy notion of  ‘Brave Little Britain’ that is hopelessly out-dated, if it ever existed. It peddled lies and progaganda, tapping into the worst fears of the population, and was high-jacked by nasty, intolerant elements of society. Boris Johnson is a cunning, lying charlatan who used the Leave campaign to further his own ends.  Don’t get me started on the role of the mass media in whipping up fear and hatred. The Remain campaign was just feeble, and demonstrated how out of touch the Westminster elite are with the mood of the nation.
Battleaxe is sick and furious at the Referendum result. We have had our European citizenship stolen from us. The Leave vote is so wrong for the political, economic and social future of the country, and the result was too close to use as a basis for such massive constitutional change. Battleaxe is fed up with being told to shut up and stop whining by Leave supporters, who scarcely seem to have grasped the magnitude of what has happened….
Battleaxe is also sick at what is happening now. Prime Minister resigned (and rightly so). Boris? Boris likely to succeed………. oh heaven preserve us.  No politicians seem to have a clue about the way forward. Upsurge in racist incidents/hate speak….. The country is divided….
Battleaxe rejoined the Labour Party after the last election and voted for Corbyn as leader, mostly because she wanted to see the party shaken up. Well, she got her wish….. He was responsible for an ineffective, half-hearted Labour Remain campaign. He may have ‘principles’ but he is no leader, and now needs to go. The Labour Party has lost its traditional support in the North and Midlands as well as in Scotland – can it even survive?
And as for the football!  Iceland? Battleaxe feels sorry for the English fans that keep on hoping, but really, those overpaid, posturing idiots…  the complacency of the incompentent English manager….

     Grrr – enough now. Ask oneself, what can I do? The government? Powerless. Labour Party? Have agonised, left and rejoined for far too long – had enough of that.
As local WI President, I can at least try and ensure that our group sticks to its values of inclusiveness, tolerance and helping others.  There should be no politics in the WI, and I will do my best to keep it that way, while making it clear that yes, we are inclusive, and yes, we are tolerant.
Football – I do think I’d make a better England manager than Roy Hodgson, but I can’t see me getting the job.
Phew, what else?
Trouble is, I can’t enjoy much at the moment.
Stress and unhappiness always turn me towards compensatory spending. Philosopher has sensibly diverted me from a planned shopping trip to Tunbridge Wells, but even on a limited regime of Old Town, Bexhill, boot fairs and street markets, I have managed, since Friday morning, to accumulate the following:
– a dress from the Lilac Room (on sale)
– a Royal Doulton bowl (a present for someone else)
– a canvas bag (Hare and Hawthorn, Old Town)
– a jacket (Bexhill, on sale)
– a 1950s serving plate (boot fair)
– a pair of vintage lace shoes (boot fair, only £4 honestly)
– a cushion with a dachshund on (street market)
– an early Pears print (street market)
– a large shrub (unusual Olearia nummularifolia – street market).
Not bad, eh?  If many others react like me, we could keep the flagging UK economy alive.

The street market, by the way, is a relatively new one in the yard off Roebuck Street in the Old Town. We went for the first time on Sunday, and it was very good indeed – lots of interesting stalls.

Street Market in the Old Town

Following that, we strolled across for lunch at the Nazar Turkish restaurant on the sea-front.  Hadn’t been before, and liked it. We have been to Ada, in Robertson Street many times. We like Turkish restaurants, and Turkish people – always go looking forward to practising our limited Turkish. Our efforts always amuse the staff rather than impressing them…..
The one really good thing this week – our bathroom is now done. It looks excellent, and both the new shower and the new bath are first class. Oh, that’s another thing I’ve bought – expensive bath unguents for wallowing in the new tub.  If anyone wants a recommendation for a plumber, contact me – the guy is fantastic.

New bathroom chez Battleaxe
New bathroom at Castello Battleaxe

To finish, a view of St Leonard’s Gardens. We walked through there this morning on our way to a funeral.  It was for Peter, from whom Philosopher has taken over as Chair of the local Workers’ Education Association. His wife Liz is a writer/poet friend. It was a very moving service at St John’s church in Brittany Road, but secular, well-chosen verse and music.

St Leonard’s Gardens


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