Sennen Cove, Cornwall – with background coughing….

Back from Cornwall a day early. Just before we went I was suffering from a horrible chest cold virus. Well, the first part of the week I was wheezy, weak and feeble, then the second half of the week Philosopher caught it and he was as poorly as I have seen him in ages.
We drove all the way back yesterday – had planned to stop the night somewhere but just wanted to get into our own bed  – it was an arduous day and we are both very tired.
Still, despite all that we had a good time – see this previous post for more about Sennen Cove.
We travelled down via Lyme Regis, spending a night with our old friend Karol – Hastings to Land’s End is quite a long journey.
Stayed in little house called ‘Yellow Sands’ – we have stayed there twice before. Very cosy. Our friends were further up the beach, in a big house with an interesting view.

View from our window….
View from their window….

We had lots of sunny weather and usual walks. For years, I’ve summoned up a scenario of walking along a Cornish coast path to help deal with with stressful or frightening situations, such as lying on a trolley waiting for an operation, or when faced with the dentist’s drill. I am currently working on a poem about the differences between my imagined walk, and the real thing.
Here are some classic coast path views:

Zennor Head
From Logan Rock to Porthcurno
Near Gwennap Head


Near Zennor Head
Frpm Zennor Head to Gurnard’s Head
Logan Rock

Philosopher and I visited another very pretty garden – Trewidden, near Penzance. Here are a few flower pictures. It is supposed to have one of the best camellia collections in the country, and indeed they were beautiful, as were the huge magnolias, and the tree fern collection. We particularly liked the monthly Head Gardener’s Notes, issued to each visitor, and the informative signs and labels round the garden. Recommended by Battleaxe!

Magnolias and tree ferns
Beautiful camellias.

Had days in St Ives and Penzance and bought things – a wooden bird, a pair of shoes with fish on, a seal for our bathroom seal collection, and an anchor towel holder for the famous loo.

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