Spring lovelies…..Pashley Manor tulips

First bluebells of 2013 – Eastbourne, 1 May

Busy week.
     Had a good couple of days with Sue and Anne from Birmingham – a fine, sunny day walking on Beachy Head, after ride up the hill on open-top bus (free for us oldsters!) lunch in the pub and then walk down to Eastbourne. Another much colder day doing the Hastings sights and Old Town shops, followed by fish and chips from Ore. 
     They introduced us to a lethal but delicious summer drink consisting of large measure of Campari, prosecco and a dash of soda water in a tall glass.
     Only downside was lunch in the Land of Green Ginger in the Old Town.  Food great as usual but there was a group at the next table with some incredibly naughty, noisy children – called Harrison and Purdie – need I say more? Anyway, the noise level was intolerable – why are so many parents oblivious to anyone apart from their own children?  
     On Friday we dropped the Brummies at the station, then went to the Pashley Manor tulip festival with friends Bob and Alison. It was a beautiful, clear day with brilliantly bright light and fresh, clean air.  The place is expensive – £9.50 to get in and £3 for a slice of cake – but worth it. There are lots of sculptures round the garden – can so often be naff but these are lovely. Many, but not all, tulips had emerged – enough to look at and enjoy. The gardens are beautifully laid out and immaculately maintained. Pictures below.
     We all had lunch in the Bell at Ticehurst. We have never been there before – done up to the point of naffness – for example men have to pee into tuba trumpets in the Gents (see the website) – but actually OK. Then went across to Merriments, near Hurst Green.  I always thought this was another garden to view but turns out to be mostly a specialist garden centre. They have an excellent selection of unusual plants, and we will definitely go again. Bought two garden geraniums, said goodbye to Bob and Alison and drove home.
     Badgers got into our back garden the other night and dug up the lawn massively – Philosopher has taken up arms again, and been out filling in their new hole in our fence. I guess they have growing babies now in the truly enormous set in next door’s garden.
     Our garden is coming on well – I hope it is not too dry for the next week because we are away in Germany.
      Here are some spring pictures – some from last weekend’s walk in Alexandra Park, some from Pashley Manor. Wild flowers are doing very well this year, despite their lateness. Lots of primroses, celandines and wood anemones.

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