All Saints Street, Hastings – curious things…and Life of Pi

Well, hard times are here – the post Christmas diet has started. No alcohol during the week, only one square of chocolate a night…. urgh. 

More walking is needed, too, so when yesterday there was a rare glimmer of sunshine, we walked down to the sea via All Saints Street.
     As well as some of the prettiest houses, and the most interesting peeks up twittens and down steps, there are some curious things if you look closely…. here is a sample:

     I always like the Piece of Cheese Cottage…..


 This says ‘Go back to bed’. Why?

 I like to peer into this window – the interior is full of bits of rock, and more skulls – I assume it is someone’s studio…..

     One of the oddest things is an old cottage with a huge bust of Wagner in the
window, with attached notices. The owner has put one of those
strange square code devices beside the bust – I held my iphone up to it
and to my surprise it went rattling off to this website.  How
high-tech was that.
     Well, I do agree with Herr Wagner about the disgraceful dog poo
situation and the new estate agents in George Street….
     Clearly, Battleaxes would have much in common with Valkyries – Battleaxes are less obsessed with death though. Philosopher is far more of a Wagnerian  – they are showing
Parsifal from the New York Met as part of the ‘Bringing Culture to Us Knuckle-dragging Provincials’ initiative at the Hastings Odeon in March.  He plans to go – it lasts
5.5 hours…..Battleaxe will give it a miss, and polish up her horned Valkyrie helmet instead.
     I actually did have one of those helmets once, but only plastic, with long fair plaits attached.  As you do, I somehow acquired it years ago in Blackpool, while carousing drunkenly along the seafront with a group of fellow conference delegates – would you believe they were human resources people working in social housing…, this Battleaxe has really lived…. The helmet ended up in grand-daughter’s dressing up box.

The other night we saw Life of Pi. I liked it reasonably, Philosopher not so much. It was terribly long. How much more could we have watched that boy sloshing round on that boat with that tiger? Not much.  The 3D felt a  a bit unnecessary too. We both wondered why given the boy was old enough to have a girlfriend back in India, his head hair grew long (and he had underarm hair) he did not grow any facial hair at all….

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