Battle of Hastings Builders….

I feel guilty…. Blogging has not been my highest priority over the past couple of weeks.  I have already mentioned about our new house?  Well, it has been full of builders since we got possession of it in April, and is just about now getting into its new shape.  This week we have had the Magnet men fitting the new kitchen as well as all the others, who are still doing plastering, plumbing, electrics, decorating, floors, windows etc. etc.
     Everything is started, nothing is finished.  We are working hard to remain positive, and indeed, so far, nothing major has gone wrong.  So, at the moment, ‘Battle’ is a bit excessive – but if that one (you know who you are) spends much more time yapping on his mobile rather than doing his work…. violence is always possible. We have sold this house in Harold Road – it went within three days of going onto the market. We will miss this little place, and our friendly neighbours here, but are looking forward to the light and bright of a modern house, and our lovely sea views. But for me, no more sitting here at my desk  watching Mr Cormorant as he prepares to catch his dinner from the fishing lake, or failing that, peering into the doctors’ consulting rooms. We will move up the road on 14 June.

Her Madge visits Harold Road

     Supposedly, our builders are intending to work right through the Jubilee weekend.  It won’t be passing us by – if you go up Harold Road, and look at the houses opposite the doctors’, you will see her – a life-size cut-out of Her Madge, looking gracious.  We saw one in the window of Judges Postcards on the Bexhill Road, and just had to have one.  It is very funny to see passers-by see her and do a double-take – and it passes the time for the people waiting for the ever-elusive number 20 bus.

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