Sun and fossils at Pett Level

What a glorious sunny day today! 

We went down to Pett Level – it was low tide, so we walked along the beach.  I had read somewhere that it is possible to walk all along the beach from Pett to Hastings – about 4 miles, looking at the interesting bird life, rock formations, dinosaur footprints, naturists etc.  We weren’t planning to do the walk today, just explore how rocky it was.  We walked at least a mile along, past Fairlight.  It was totally quiet.  We met one man and his funny little dog on our way out – a fossil hunter, and another on our way back, but didn’t see a living soul for most of the time.

Does the picture show a fossilised fish?  It looks very like it.  We also saw what looked like a skeleton of something large, maybe some dinosaur poo, and possibly a footprint but we could have imagined them.

The rocks are great – many layered in brown, black, grey red and beige like liquorice allsorts. It seems a little sad that there is no access to the beach from Fairlight – there is one place where the cliffs dips right down to the sea, but is says ‘Private Property’ very firmly.  Anyway, we’ll do the walk one day.

After several hours of tramping and scrambling, the Smugglers pub at Pett Level was far too seductive.  Ended up blowing the diet on pint of Harveys, crisps (this Walkers guess the flavours business – what the hell is that about?  You’d never win the 50 grand – I thought my packet was Hoi Sin sauce, but even if you guessed that right you’d just be entered in a ‘prize draw’.  And it means they won’t sell you a proper packet of crisps.)  Then calamari and chips…..The pub is a bit basic, but irresistable after a cold walk.

Anyway, first thing on Saturday morning we are off to Madeira for a week.  Knowing our luck it will probably be the coldest spring they have had for 50 years or something, while it is scorching here….

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